Fashion Brands that Support HIV

I’m not sure if you feel this too, every time I see something I want to buy, I feel a pang of guilt. I feel a little bad (just a little. What can I say? I am not the kindest person on Earth) for spending money on myself when there are so many people suffering from disease, disaster and poverty all over the world. I hesitate in making my purchase, thinking that maybe I should put that gorgeous off-shoulder satin blue dress back on the rack and donate my money to a charity organization instead.

(Usually I end up making the purchase, anyway. Girls will always be girls.)

Then I discover something that helps chase my guilt away. Some of my favorite fashion brands are global supporters in the battle against HIV! Here, let me share the brands with you:


Levi Strauss & Co.

I love jeans. They are perfect for casual Fridays – such comfort!




Jeans makes us look good, and now they make us feel good too, for Levi Strauss had donated more than $45 million to HIV organizations.



On Friday, I like to pair my Levi jeans with Converse. Not having to wear high heels for a day is a wonderful feeling, and I enjoy exercising my toes in my Converse while typing away frantically.


Converse Kicks


Now, I have discovered another reason to like Converse even more : Converse had joined RED campaign, which helps prevent HIV virus transmission from mother-to-child. Apart from that, Converse had also created a special collection of shoes, where 5-15% percent of the profits will go to The Global Fund.

You know what? I think I need a new pair of Converse. As consumers, I must show appreciation for such efforts via shopping.



I was so happy when H&M was opened at a shopping mall near my house. For some time, I was very effective at work to make sure that I don’t have to work overtime – every extra second I had was dedicated for H&M shopping.

(Same goes for every extra dollar and cent I had.)




H&M had linked with Designers Against Aids to create Fashion Against Aids, an awareness campaign where artists like Rihanna and Katy Perry design t-shirts, hoodie or tank top to create awareness for HIV. (I bet one hoodie will make us shine bright like a diamond, whereas another tank top will make our hearts explode in happiness like firework. Excuse the song references.)

25% of sales from such collection is donated to a variety of HIV awareness projects.



Nowadays, whenever someone mentions Nike, the first thing that comes to my mind is self-lacing Nike shoes, no thanks to the Back To The Future trilogy.

(I am still hoping to see Hoverboards available for sale at shopping malls this year. Yes, my inner child still believes in things like Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy.)

Nike Swoosh

Now, HIV too will come to my mind when Nike is mentioned, for Nike had teamed up with Red and offered exclusive Red-brand shoelaces.

Should I buy that? Oh, stop thinking and just do it.


Which means that nowadays, whenever someone tells me to cut down on shopping, I’ll just tell him or her that I’m shopping for a good cause. If that doesn’t work, I’ll remind them to get their HIV test in Singapore. Works every time.


Sophie Kay

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