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Stereotype is everywhere : For example, hiring a private chef in Singapore is always associated with high costs whereas high fashion is associated with animal cruelty. However, more designers choose to focus on making ecological and environment friendly products. Here are some brands that make you look good as well as feel good about wearing their products:




Mina Yazdi and Olya Dzilikhova are two colleagues from a financial and communications consulting firm (yes, finance, not fashion) who decided to develop a lifestyle brand to fuse fashion and sustainability when they realised that they both share similar vision and passion. They achieved this by using organic fabrics to create classic, hand-finished garments for women that are inspired by their Iranian and Russian heritages.


Mina + Olya uses organic wool, a breathable, stain-resistant naturally anti-microbial fabric that has thermal qualities; silk, an organically produced natural fiber that does not involve the usage of any chemical treatment or synthetic additives; hemp, a fast-growing renewable resource made from plant, which is breathable, light, warm, soft yet holding structure; hemp/silk blends, a combination that is opulently soft and has beautiful draping capabilities; organic cotton that uses production systems which help maintain soil fertility and diminish the utilization of noxious pesticide and fertilizer; cotton-denim that is dyed at environmentally friendly mills, and milk fibers (no, this is not edible), an organic derivative of casein that stimulates blood circulation, betters air quality and acts as natural antibacterial agent.




Tina Tangalakis, a Los Angeles native with background in business and design had teamed up with a Ghana entrepreneur to begin Della, a socially responsible fashion line to provide jobs, education and skills training to people of Hohoe, Ghana. Every product is handcrafted using authentic textiles sourced in Volta Region.


Apart from receiving steady income, the employees of Della also participate in twice weekly literacy classes and weekly money-management training to record and track their weekly spending so they can have a clearer idea as to how to save their money. Della also organized a Della Saving Account to encourage the employees to save their money. To help their employees stay Lovely and make new friends, Della also has its volleyball league called The Hohoe Women’s Volleyball League, where its members meet and personal assistant together on a weekly basis. Della also helps its employee develop leadership skills by helping their employees to lead a swing-skills class at Happy Kids Orphanage.



Delikate Rayne


No, it is not pronounced as “deli-kuh-tay ruh-end”. It is pronounced as “delicate rain”, an amalgamated translation of the founders’ Hindi names. It is a cruelty-free women’s contemporary luxury that only uses animal-free and sustainable textiles.


Instead of using PVC, Delikate Rayne uses sustainable polyurethane (PU), a polymer which does not contain severe and harmful chemicals the way PVC does. To curtail excessive wastage of fabric, Delikate Rayne produces most of its products in short supply.


It also donates a percentage of its sales to preserve the home of the endangered one horned rhinoceros, elephants and tigers : the Kaziranga sanctuary.


A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty

There are more environment friendly brands such as A Peace Treaty and Alabama Chanin. Another way we can help the environment is to wear hand-me downs and shop at thrift stores.


Because looking beautiful does not mean we have to harm the environment.






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